How Can I Get More Cash For My Junk Truck In Melbourne, Victoria

Is your truck too old and don’t want to invest any more in repairs? Or is it bleeding too much gas? If there is a tick mark beside any two of the above questions, probably it is time for you to scrap your beloved machine. In today’s blog, we will take a look at how to get the maximum cash from your junk truck in Melbourne, Victoria. We will also discuss the things to keep in mind before selling your junk truck. Selling a junk truck can be easier than you can imagine. Any established truck dismantlers in Melbourne can give you a good amount for your unwanted truck.


Melbourne is a beautiful city with warm weather, world-class beaches and famous for tourism. This Victorian state capital is one of the finest cities in Australia. If you have a scrap truck that you need to sell, there would be plenty of junk truck wreckers who would love to help. To start off, you can search online for – “Truck Buyer Melbourne, “Truck Wreckers Melbourne,” or “Cash For Used Truck Melbourne.” Cash for Used Trucks is one of the well-known scrap truck dealers in Melbourne. 


Things to Remember before Selling Your Junk  Truck to Get the Maximum Resale Value


  • Thoroughly check if your truck is worth sending to the junkyard. Check if your truck is eating up too much diesel than usual or needing more repair than normal. Also, if you have already invested too much in your truck, scrap it.
  • Is your truck totalled? After a major accident, if the repair cost is more than the truck’s worth, then it is wise to scrap your truck.
  • Remove your belongings from the truck- To be able to get access to all parts of your truck, you need to remove all the belongings so that the buyers can carry out the inspection.

How to get maximum money out of your Junk Truck


  • Prepare your truck for junking- Even if you are scrapping your truck, it is your responsibility to prepare your truck. Wash and clean to make it somewhat presentable.
  • Also, check for any paperwork which should stay with you. Truck wreckers in Melbourne would certainly appreciate this gesture from you.
  • Ensure you have the original documents of the Truck – In most cases, the junk buyers would ask you for the title of the Truck. If you are able to provide the original title, it can get you 50-60% more cash.
  • Remove the spares- It won’t be a bad idea to keep the costly spares and sell them off later on sites like cash for used trucks. Remove the tyres, batteries and your favourite stereo system.
  • Take out the gas- If there is a tank full of gas and you are short on cash, take out the gas. You can offer it to the nearest gas station at a reasonable price.
  • Check with Truck forums for suggestions before scrapping, they also act as mediators to get you the maximum resale value.

The prices may go fluctuate depending on the Truck’s metal, body parts and damage. You can expect upto $9,000 for your junk truck. So if you are planning to junk your truck, try out the tips shared in today’s article to get the maximum cash for truck in Melbourne.


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