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Would you like a professional team to perform your accidental damaged truck removal? One that doesn’t charge for its removal but puts cash in your hand? Then, give Cash for Used Trucks a call. We pay up to $20,000 cash for accident trucks of any make and model, any age and condition. We are experts in the industry and offer fast and profitable truck removals to all locations in Melbourne.

Get Up to $20,000 on Your Accident Vehicle, Give Us a Call at 0432 012 232

We Are A fully Licensed Truck Removal & Truck Wrecking Yard :

Our services include :

  • Wrecked Truck Removal
  • Damaged Truck Removal
  • Accident Truck Removal
  • Scrap Truck Removal
  • Used Truck Removal
  • Broken Truck removal

Don’t see your make of truck above? Relax. We accept and buy all makes and models of trucks, foreign or domestic or Japanese, manual or automatic transmission, running or not.

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How Do We Dispose of Your Unwanted Truck?

When you want a quick sale of your accident truck, don’t want to pay a removal company to tow it away, or both, give Cash for Used Trucks a call. We are an established scrap truck removal company that is professional and prides itself in practising the best principles in recycling vehicles. Our recycling of accident vehicles is 100 percent as we first drain all hazardous fluids so that we can pull the parts and recycle them for a new use. The metal doesn’t go to waste either; we form it into new steel. With our Eco-friendly recycling process, we can put up to $20,000 cash in your pocket.

Give Us a Call Today for a Free Damaged Truck Removal for parts that Pays Cash. Call us at 0432 012 232

Being a truck wrecker of all makes and models of trucks, we can take any truck, manual transmission or automatic transmission. Wrecked 4x4s can be especially hard to find a wrecker that want to pay you instead of charge you, but Cash for Used Trucks will. We offer our customers up to $20,000 on our cash for trucks removals. Just give us a call.

Why Choose Cash For Used Trucks Melbourne?

When you choose Cash for Used Trucks, you choose a company that is recognised in Melbourne  as being a number 1 source in an accident truck removal. We don’t ask many questions, require mounds of paperwork, or haggle over a price. We know our business, and the benefit of that to our customers is a free truck removal that pays up to $20,000. We do require your Photo ID and proof of ownership when we arrive.

When you choose us, you not only choose a licensed company that is respected and reputable, we offer an easy cash for accident trucks system:

You call us with a few details about your accident truck. Or complete our form located at the top right of this page.

1. We give you a cash offer.
2. You let us know a convenient time to come pick up your vehicle.
3. You have your photo ID and proof of ownership ready. We have any necessary paperwork.
4. We load the vehicle, put cash in your hand and say goodbye.

Our cash for accident trucks is one that is fast and convenient. See for yourself. Contact us today.

Tip: If your Truck Is In An Accident First Remember to take the other parties details including drivers license number, plate number, phone, address and don’t forget the insurance details. So remember to insure your truck before driving some of the top insurance companies you can check for quotes are NRMA, GIO, Alliance etc

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Get up to $20,000 on your accident truck removal. Call Cash for Used Trucks at the number below. By this afternoon you can have that unwanted accident vehicle out of your yard and cash in your hand!

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