How Can I Sell My Truck Fast

Nearly 37,000 Trucks were sold in the Australia by the end of 2019 providing the fact that the Australians have affection with Trucks. Whether your old truck is broken down or unused since many year, you might need cash to buy a new truck. If you are searching on the internet for ” How to sell my truck for Cash” then you are at the right platform.

Truck Wreckers Frankston

At Cash for Used trucks, we are leading truck wreckers in Melbourne have years of experience in dealing with old, unused and scrap trucks. We provide our service all over the Victoria including Geelong, Frankston and Ballarat.

Before you sell your truck, you should gather the information required below:

1) Type of the Truck you have

2) Age of the truck and miles

3) Does your truck requires modification or accessories

On the basis of the above information, you can decide upon whether to sell your truck to a dealer, private buyer or a scrapyard.

Types of Truck:

Under the classification of type of the truck, there are 2 types light-duty and heavy duty. The major difference between them is that light weight duty trucks as the name refers to all purpose trucks which carry a load of between 1500-3000 Pounds whereas heavy duty trucks can tow more than 20,000 Pounds.

Popular models of the Truck 2020

Western Star
Cat Trucks

When it comes to sell your truck you need to rethink is that what will be the best option to choose between Dealer, Private seller or a scrapyard. If your truck is too old or more than 8 years old, then there is possibility that it might need some costly repairs. The other thing is that older trucks are hard to get a loan approved. Another buyer will have to pay you a cash amount.

A private buyer will value your vehicle differently by considering the miles and cost of modification it requires. but the best option to sell truck for cash is to sell a truck to scrapyard. These people value your vehicle on the basis of parts, metals and material.

So, There is a chance that you can earn more cash than the other two options discussed above. Another advantage of selling truck with scrapyards is that you can get Instant cash for your truck.

If you living in Melbourne, Victoria then Cash for Used trucks is the best option to sell scrap truck. We accept all kinds of make and model of the truck and in any condition. The more exciting thing about them is that they offer upto $20,000 instant cash for the junk or used trucks.

Follow the steps below:

1) Give a call to 0432012232 or fill an enquiry form here

2) They will ask about a few details of your truck

3) On the basis of information provide they will offer best value for your truck

4) If you are happy with the offered quote, They will pick it for free.

5) On the day of the pickup, they bring all the legal papers as part of the complementary service

6) Once everything is done, get cash for truck instantly in your pocket.

If you are still wondering about the procedure, then give us a quick call at 0432 012 232.

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